Integrative Cancer Support: Supportive Naturopathic treatments before, during and after receiving

chemotherapy, radiation, or having surgery. Collaborative Management of your health with your Oncologist


Oxidative Therapies: Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alpha-Lipoic-Acid Infusions


Micronutrient Therapies: Amino Acid and Multivitamin and Mineral Infusion Therapy


Clinical Nutrition: Anti Oxidants, Immune Modulators:

Mistletoe, Anti Anemia and Cachexia treatments


Chelation Therapy: Assistance in removing Heavy Metals with detoxification protocol




Adrenal Support 

Anti Cancer Lifestyle Changes

Counseling on Healthy Coping Mechanisms



Adrenal Stress Index

Tumor Cell Sensitivity Testing

Natural Killer Cell Activity Analysis

Panels via PeaceHealth Labs and LabCorp

Comprehensive Hormone Panel: Gynecological Cancers

Heavy Metal Testing and Mineral Status via Doctors Data

Basic Testing: Metabolic , Cell Count, Lipid, Thyroid function