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Integrative Cancer Support: Supportive Naturopathic treatments before, during and after receiving

chemotherapy, radiation, or having surgery. Collaborative Management of your health with your Oncologist


Oxidative Therapies: Vitamin C, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alpha-Lipoic-Acid Infusions


Micronutrient Therapies: Amino Acid and Multivitamin and Mineral Infusion Therapy


Clinical Nutrition: Antioxidants, Immune Modulators:

Mistletoe, Anti-Anemia and Cachexia treatments 


Chelation Therapy: Assistance in removing Heavy Metals with detoxification protocol




Adrenal Support 

Anti-Cancer Lifestyle Changes

Counseling on Healthy Coping Mechanisms



Adrenal Stress Index

Tumor Cell Sensitivity Testing

Natural Killer Cell Activity Analysis

Panels via PeaceHealth Labs and LabCorp

Comprehensive Hormone Panel: Gynecological Cancers

Heavy Metal Testing and Mineral Status via Doctors Data

Basic Testing: Metabolic , Cell Count, Lipid, Thyroid function

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