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Dr. Putney is a Board-Certified Naturopathic physician licensed in the state of Washington.

She has over 20 years experience working in the medical field. She is in her seventeenth year as a local health care provider.

She graduated from National College of Natural Medicine in 2004. She is a fluent Spanish speaker.

She practiced for 8 years at the Gateway Centre Building sharing an office with Dr. Mark Steinberg, ND (Retired).

Dr. Putney has opened her own clinic, Halleck Holistic Health where she continues to provide Naturopathic medical care to her patients.



Dr. Putney's approach to diagnosing and treating involves the tenets of Naturopathic Medicine:

first do no harm,

identify and treat the cause,

the healing power of nature,

prevention is the best cure,

and doctor as teacher.

She cares very deeply for her patients and takes the time to listen and understand all the aspects of life that can affect our health. 


Dr. Putney specializes in providing integrative cancer support to patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Dr. Putney attends the weekly Tumor Board at St. Joseph Hospital. She communicates and works with the local oncologists to provide patients with a comprehensive, integrative, and safe approach to treating their Cancer.

Dr. Putney also provides guidance and tools for cancer survivors to thrive post treatment as well as teaching ways to help prevent the recurrence of cancer.

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