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We are all exposed to toxins and allergens through the foods we eat, air we breathe, water we drink, or personal care products that we use.

When these substances accumulate in our bodies we can experience a gamut of symptoms from anaphylactic shock, hives, inflammation, gastrointestinal symptoms, headaches, joint pain, or disruption of the hormones in our body. Aiding the body to eliminate these offending substances is paramount to avoid chronic illnesses such as arthritis, cancer, autoimmune disorders, thyroid dysfunction. 


Dr. Putney can help oversee the progress of detoxifying your body and supporting your organs of elimination: lungs, skin, liver, and kidneys.

The purpose of detoxifying is to make you stronger from the inside out. Cleansing our body from toxins can be done using a variety of modalities: diet, exercise, stress management, and chelation.




Chelation therapy is a treatment that uses chelating agents to detoxify poisonous metal deposits such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead that are elevated in a person’s body. The chelating agents work by binding to the metals and converting them into a chemically inert, water soluble form that can be excreted from the body through the bloodstream.

Dr. Putney can assist patients with Chelation therapy.


Who can benefit from chelation therapy?

You can be exposed to heavy metals through our diet, dental fillings, vaccine preservatives, cosmetics, medications, processed foods, fuel sources, or toiletries.

The presence of heavy metals in the body interferes with normal organ system function. Increasing levels of heavy metals in the air, water and topsoil is associated with increased levels of metals in our bodies. 


This can result in symptoms that may include chronic disease, learning disorders, cancer, neurological disorders and premature aging. Toxic heavy metal accumulation leads to decreases in mental, cognitive and physical health of the individual. 

Laboratory testing can determine if you have increased levels of heavy metals. If this is the case, you can safely and effectively remove them from your body. Dr. Putney can provide education, guidance, and therapies to help you in this process. 


For more information on Chelation Therapy, visit American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).

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